How does teaching Christianly differ from other forms of teaching? How might a Christian teach in a biblical way some commonplace set of facts from a mandated secular curriculum? 

In this book all truly Christian education is seen as a profoundly biblical pursuit leading to the revelation of God. This allows us to examine what might be distinctive about the way a Christian teacher may do something as mundane as picking up a pencil.

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Word Verse and Other Poems contains a collection of around 100 poems published following the death of Geoff's first wife. The poems cover biblical themes as well as some reflections on relationships gained and lost - but all within the context that we live, and will continue to live, in the great narrative od our great God.

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Pointing the Way is a clear-eyed look at some of the key challenges facing Christian educators. Richard Edlin’s chapter takes us back to first principles; why do we have Christian schools anyway? What scriptural responsibilities do parents have in the nurture of their children? How do Christian schools support parents in fulfilling their responsibility for their children? (Dr Jill Ireland)

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Engaging the culture as Christians at work in education requires alertness to presuppositions, tenacity and willingness to change.  The contributors to this book approach the challenge of cultural engagement from different angles, as they seek to “take every thought captive” (2 Cor 10:5) and apply a Christian worldview in practice. (Dr Jill Ireland)

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