Lifeworld Education is owned by Dr Geoff and Dr Elizabeth (Beth) Beech both of whom have worked in education as well as having served for many years as education missionaries in Bolivia, South America. Geoff has taught most grades from Grade 3 to postgraduate as well as serving for a number of years as Academic Dean of the National Institute for Christian Education in Australia.

Beth has worked as a church planting missionary as well as in various education projects and university teaching (sociology, English) and university administration in Bolivia and the USA.



Lifeworld Education is committed to the promotion of a biblically grounded education - an education that folows out of worldview assumpions based on God's word. As evangelical Christians, Geoff and Beth are committed to the promotion of the Kingdom of God through the medium of all levels of education that seek to glorify God - not through adding on Christian ideas, or simply teaching biblical concepts, alongside a secular curriculum. Instead, we believe that all true knowledge belongs to God's and that education that is truly Christian should reflect this.